(Chronic) Pain? Too much Stress? Restricted Range of Motion?

Enso Massage Amsterdam

The Treatment that Meets your Individual Needs Best.

You may be working hard, feeling the pressure of deadlines, of foreign surroundings and all sorts of obligations.
If this is the case and you experience too much stress you may feel physical or emotional discomfort.

You can benefit from massage therapy for recovery from and prevention of stress-related problems. You’ll receive a professional, respectful treatment of the highest quality at Enso Massage Amsterdam.

You may find answers to the following questions below:

  1. What benefits can you get from Enso Massage Amsterdam?
  2. What can you expect of Enso Massage Amsterdam?
  3. Enso Massage Amsterdam for special groups?
  4. What techniques are used at Enso Massage Amsterdam?
  5. What do you wear at Enso Massage Amsterdam?
  6. How have clients experienced treatment at Enso Massage Amsterdam?
  7. Who is your therapist at Enso Massage Amsterdam?
  8. How much does treatment at Enso Massage Amsterdam cost?
  9. How Can You Make an Appointment at Enso Massage Amsterdam?
  10. How do you get to Enso Massage Amsterdam?

Please feel a warm Welcome at Enso Massage Amsterdam!

1 What Benefits Can You Get from Enso Massage Amsterdam?
Recovery, Maintenance and Prevention, Relaxation


The treatments at Enso Massage Amsterdam may aid you in getting rid of

  • headaches and migraine
  • neck pain and shoulder pain
  • pain in arms and hands (RSI/CANS)
  • chest and abdominal pain
  • upper back, midback and low back pain
  • pain in hips, legs, ankles, feet
  • reduced range of motion
  • physical disorders like sciatica and fibromyalgia
  • somber feelings, sleeplessness and chronic fatigue
  • as well as other kinds of stress-related problems

As Clair Davies writes in his Trigger Point Therapy Workbook

“(What many) people have in common, other than chronic pain, is that they aren’t getting the help they need. … They’ve seen doctors, had tests, done physical therapy … tried chiropractic, acupuncture, magnets, pain diets, and herbal therapy.

They take their pain medicine and dutifully do their stretching exercises. Sometimes they feel better for a while, but the pain always comes back. …They fear surgery may be the only solution, despite being told there are no guarantees of success.”

If you recognize yourself in this description Enso Massage Amsterdam may provide the help you are looking for. Whatever the problem, it may always be benificial to look for triggerpoints that may be involved. Nevertheless you should always consult your physician first to rule out potentially severe conditions.

Maintenance and Prevention

If you don’t suffer (anymore) from any of these problems you may benefit from a regular massage treatment at Enso Massage Amsterdam in order to prevent them and keep yourself in good shape.


If you are stressed or in danger of burn-out. And if you have no problems and no need for prevention you may enjoy the firm but gentle touch of your therapist for the sheer pleasure of it.

2 What Can You Expect of Enso Massage Amsterdam?

Enso’s massage therapy is based on the holistic orientation stemming from Eastern views on health and from Western scientific insights. This means Enso not only looks at symptoms but rather takes your entire person in your environment into consideration.

Enso’s Eastern philosophical outlook founded in Chinese Traditional Medicine is completed with Western medical research in Trigger Point Therapy.

At Enso Massage Amsterdam we use Trigger Point Therapy a lot, combining the best of two worlds.

Enso Massage Amsterdam aims at restoring the balance within yourself and the balance between yourself and your surroundings, thus not only relieving physical pain but also promoting mental calm and stability.

3 Enso Massage Amsterdam for Special Groups

If you are pregnant or an athlete you may need Enso Massage Amsterdam to ease the pains or discomfort related to your specific condition.
Musicians, dancers and other artists may also suffer from troubles due to their profession.
Sports Massage and Pregnancy Massage at Enso Massage Amsterdam are based on the same holistic principle as other treatments.

The goals are the same as for other people but the focus is of course different and the therapy specialized.

4 What Techniques are Used at Enso Massage Amsterdam?

Enso Massage Amsterdam uses those techniques that have proven to be simple but most effective in achieving your goals of the massage treatment.

These techniques are mainly taken from:

for Recovery and Prevention:

  • Triggerpoint Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Classical Massage
  • Sports Massage

for Relaxation:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Chinese Acupressure
  • Japanese Anma Massage
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Holistic Pulsing

Your therapist knows dozens of different techniques, many more than can be used in one session. You are encouraged to communicate how you are experiencing the massage so that the treatment can be adjusted to your preferences.

5 What do You Wear at Enso Massage Amsterdam?

Enso Massage Amsterdam is a professionally run clinic.

After the intake, the therapist will leave the room while you undress and relax onto the table. (S)He will cover you with a clean sheet or towel if you haven’t done so already yourself.
You will remain covered at all time; your therapist will only uncover the areas that (s)he is treating.

Clothes to be worn during the massage are at your discretion. You are encouraged to wear whatever it is that makes you feel at ease.

Please keep in mind that certain clothes could hamper the treatments, so this can be discussed with your therapist at the time of the treatment.

6 How have Clients Experienced Treatment at Enso Massage Amsterdam?

Most clients at Enso Massage Amsterdam are highly (college or university) educated professionals.
They are usually between 25 and 55 years of age, the youngest being 15 and the oldest 88.
Between 50 and 60% is female and 40 to 50% male, varying throughout the years.

In the beginning some may need weekly sessions during a particularly difficult period in their lives.
Thereafter most clients stay for years and return at regular intervals of 1 to 4 weeks.

Some typical remarks that clients of Enso Massage Amsterdam make are:

“I want to let you know that I haven’t felt so well in a very long time! My headaches are gone and feel like a distant memory. Everything is moving again. Thanks!” (Jolanda, scientist)

“Hi Raymond, Things are going much better with my shoulder, so I am very grateful to you. Warm regards, Rob” (Rob, furniture maker)

“The massage has worked out miraculously, the pain has almost totally disappeared.” (Fleur, researcher)

“I appreciate that you listen attentively and adjust your treatment to my expectations.” (Hanneke, social anthropologist)

7 Who is Your Massage Therapist at Enso Massage Amsterdam?

Enso’s therapists life’s work is helping you feel your best. Find out what drives them to help you take care of you.

qualified (Sports) Masseur since 1998, continues with professional development by following courses and workshops every year, and studying to improve his abilities.

Thoroughly trained in Triggerpoint Therapy

Traveled more than 60 countries and lived in Japan for some time studying Zen Buddhism before becoming a teacher in Sociology and a father.

Born in a family hailing from the Dutch East-Indies where massage was the most normal thing in the world, he started his massage training in 1997 and one year later founded Enso Massage Amsterdam.

Communication should very well be possible in Dutch and English.

Also German should not be much of a problem.
Communication in French is slightly more difficult, probably, but not at all impossible.
Even in Spanish and Japanese we might exchange the most necessary information, but not reliably in complex matters of clinical massage therapy.

Massage and Triggerpoint Therapist, and more

It is my mission to help you find the natural balance in yourself, to become free of pain, recover completely and prevent complaints.

The desire to follow my mission has grown strongly according to my growing awareness how I could live pain free, find the balance in myself and of my abilities to help individuals and groups in this respect. 

Specialized in Shiatsu and Triggerpoint Therapy

8 How Much does Treatment at Enso Massage Amsterdam Cost?

The high quality treatment at Enso Massage Amsterdam is reasonably priced:

Recovery, Maintenance/Prevention, Anti-Stress treatments:

  • 50 minutes: … € 67
  • 60 minutes: … € 77
  • 70 minutes: … € 87
  • 80 minutes: … € 97
  • 90 minutes:… € 107
  • 100 minutes: . € 117
  • 110 minutes: . € 127
  • 120 minutes: . € 137

The following rules apply:

  • Prices may change without notice according to market conditions.
  • Payment in advance, cash or by bank.
  • Appointments may be cancelled for free up to 24 hours before the scheduled time (appointments on Monday 48 hours). Thereafter full payment is required.

Health and wellness go beyond stress relief. With treatments every 3 or 4 weeks the benefits are cumulative. So the more often you come, the healthier you feel. Enjoy less stress, more energy, and improved wellness.

9 How Can You Make an Appointment at Enso Massage Amsterdam?

Enso Massage Amsterdam is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.- 10 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. Closed on Sundays and national holidays.

Appointments can only be made by sending an e-mail to:


Please include the following information:

  • first name, family name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • kind of treatment you want
  • goal: recovery/prevention/relaxation
  • preferred days/times

Your mail will in principle be answered after 12 p.m. of the next working day.

For your personal integrity and safety please note that we do not accept anonymous clients and that visiting a massage therapist is your own responsibility. Always consult your physician before you make an appointment for massage therapy.

By making an appointment at Enso Massage Amsterdam you agree to the rules mentioned on this website.

10 How do You Get to Enso Massage Amsterdam?

Johannes van der Waalsstraat 26H
1098 PL Amsterdam

Phone: 06 44 55 83 50 (when we are busy we cannot pick up the phone though!)

The practice can easily be reached by

bike (15-20 minutes from the city centre),
car (always enough parking space) and
public transport:
o train: station Amsterdam Science Park (7 minutes walk)
o train: station Amsterdam Amstel, bus 65 (5 minutes ride, 3 minutes walk)
o tram 19, bus 41, 46, 320, 322, 327: stop Kruislaan/Middenweg (5 minutes walk)
o bus 65, 240: stop Radioweg (3 minutes walk)
o bus 40: stop Linnaeusparkweg (5 minutes walk)